Pathways Badges

Badges are issued in two categories: Tools (Machines) and Pathways. The goal is to  articulate opportunities for youth to pursue their interests and grow the skills in a diverse community.

Step One – Necessary before any other badges are issued

  • Earn an Apprentice Badge
    • Register at a local library
    • Make five visits to a library maker space
      • Sign in
      • Follow protocol
      • Understand the fundamentals of iteration


  • Presently we have articulated Pathways in Programming, Wearables, Electronics, Coding, 3D Design and 2D Design. Students work their way–either independently, in a workshop or class–from Novice,  to Apprentice to Journeyer and Mastery. More pathways will become available and students can chart their own path with the support of a coach or mentor.
    • Apprentices enter a phase of exploration and skill building with substantial support from coaches. Self-guided practice and exploration with the aid of a coach, aided by mini-lessons, tutorials and other resources is expected. Collaboration with other Makers is strongly encouraged.
    • Journeyer are still honing fundamentals but mostly work independently on self-directed projects. They can also coach others in their areas of expertise.
    • Mastery level work is identified by its complexity and sophistication. Achieving Mastery acknowledges one is a key member of the Maker Community support, grow and evolve the network while continuing to iterate new ideas.


One who has achieved Mastery can:

  • Execute a complex idea into a finished project and present to community
  • Troubleshoot equipment, software, hardware and use materials efficiently
  • Use multiple tools and mediums
  • Consult with a mentor or colleagues
  • Teach others to be Makers
  • Express their own style by using particular approaches and technologies
  • Integrate new technologies into the Maker Community
  • List several career pathways connected to your work

Tool (Machine) Badges

  • Tool badges have the specific purpose of verifying one’s ability to use a tool, machine, or other piece of “complex” equipment independently. The badge is earned by demonstrating proficiency.
  • Tool badges entitle holders to access, with the support of a PVD Young Maker’s Coach or Librarian, that piece of equipment at any PVD library or partner organization.
  • Tool badges are issued upon demonstrating proficiency.

Machine Badges

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